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New Launch Announcement: AMWC Dubai - Open to the World! October 1 to 3, 2025.

Sustainability Charter

Prioritizing humanity and the environment

As the organizers of AMWC, Informa Medical Aesthetics aims to host eco-friendly events that support the global aesthetics community at all levels. In addition to those sustainability efforts, AMWC is proud to support causes aimed at expanding access to essential aesthetic and anti-aging medical treatments worldwide.

An eco-responsible event


 an eco-responsible destination 

The Principality of Monaco places great significance on environmental protection, water conservation, biodiversity preservation and has active measures in place to combat global warming. These include:

  • Emphasis on ‘slow travel’ – while in Monaco opt for walking (it takes just 45 minutes to cross Monaco from East to West), rent an electric bicycle or take public buses which are all hybrid or electric and free to use for AMWC participants.
  • The natural environment of the area is protected, with many green spaces managed eco-responsibly.
  • Carbon emissions are monitored with a pledge to cut emissions by 50% before 2030 with the hope to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Hotels in Monaco are committed to environmental preservation and must actively reduce their negative impact where possible i.e., control of water, saving energy, recycling etc.

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Grimaldi Forum

an eco-certified venue

We are delighted to have partnered with the Grimaldi Forum for AMWC. Not only is it an eco-certified venue, but it is also a green-minded partner providing our teams with support to help us reach our sustainability goals through data tracking, waste management, sustainable catering, recycled carpeting, and recyclable signage amongst other initiatives.

IS0 14001 certified, our venue is powered by 100% green energy and guarantees its best effort with regards to controlling the environmental impact associated with events: waste, noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage.

The Grimaldi Forum is also the region’s leading producers of green energy with its installation of 2470 m² photovoltaic roof panels.

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of Event Materials 

It is our goal to promote digital communication and finding new ways to optimize our event whilst limiting the printing of unnecessary documents. To do so, we will be implementing the following:

  • A unique digital platform and App - designed to enhance your experience at AMWC and minimize printing, use our platform on your smartphone to access the program, floorplans, exhibition directory, browse abstracts and network.
  • Should we print materials such as programs, brochures, and flyers, these will be done using paper produced from sustainably managed forests that are certified environmentally friendly.
  • New and improved green badges that will be created using significantly less paper and will no longer contain plastic.
  • Limiting the number of inserts in our congress bag, instead materials will be found on our digital platform.
  • Attendees can download their certificate of attendance online after the event.
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A Greener Exhibition Space

reduce, reuse and recycle

All discarded waste will now need to be placed in designated recycling bins. In an effort to make it easier for all attendees and staff to recycle effectively, sorting bins can be found around the venue.

Carpets and signage found in the exhibition area are all 100% recyclable, after the event, they will be recycled and reused for future purposes.

To cut carbon emission produced by the set-up of our exhibition, we will be reducing the number of booth builders by 85% in 2021 compared to 2019. This will reduce travel emissions hugely as well as emissions from accommodation and general waste.

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Sustainable Catering

& Food/Beverage Management 

Local producers and food providers from the region will be commissioned to cater AMWC 2024. Seasonal organic produce will ensure that you receive food of the highest grade whilst also cutting emissions from the transport of imported goods.

Furthermore, we will no longer be providing plastic water bottles at the congress. Attendees will be able to use their own reusable bottle at one of our water fountains or take use of our cardboard cups.

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Beauty for good: Aesthetic medicine giving back

Supporting Two Faces Foundation

AMWC is proud to support the Two Faces Foundation, a non-profit organization. This initiative underscores our dedication to contributing to significant causes that have a profound impact on lives globally. The foundation is committed to making regenerative medicine and plastic surgery accessible to victims of severe burns, acid attacks, trauma, cancer, and related conditions. It accomplishes this through advancing regenerative medicine, providing essential information and advice, and establishing a global educational platform.
We invite you to join us in this vital mission, supporting the foundation's mission to make a meaningful difference in the world.
Join the cause and donate now.


Finding the next generation of Key Opinion Leaders

AMWC Aesthetics Disruptors

We are proud to introduce a sustainability-focused initiative aimed at nurturing the next generation of medical doctors in aesthetic medicine. Following abstract submissions based on scientific criteria, we offer young professionals a dedicated space in the conference agenda to showcase their work and become key opinion leaders in the field. Finalists receive financial support rewards, including gala dinner access and a pass to next edition of the conference. Winners are celebrated for their contributions and recognized within the Informa Medical Aesthetics community, fostering a culture of mentorship and leadership development in aesthetic medicine.

Celebrating excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine

AMWC Awards

The AMWC Aesthetic Medicine Awards -a platform dedicated to celebrating excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine. This prestigious event honors the innovation and expertise of physicians and companies who specialize in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine. By recognizing outstanding contributions to the industry, we aim to inspire continued advancement and raise the bar for excellence in patient care and innovation. Join us as we celebrate the pioneers shaping the future of aesthetic medicine at the AMWC Aesthetic Medicine Awards.

AMWC Scientific Committee