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New Launch Announcement: AMWC Dubai - Open to the World! October 1 to 3, 2025.

AMWC's Premium Scientific Program

Highly practical sessions delivered by leading KOLs and key educators

Drawing on the latest evidence-based research and cutting-edge innovations in the industry every year, AMWC Monaco delivers an engaging & highly applicable scientific program designed to elevate your skills.

The program spans a diverse array of disciplines within aesthetics from dermatology and minimally invasive surgery to gynaecology, anti-aging medicine, practice management and more.

77 Sponsored Workshops

A series of practical workshops to help you boost your practice. 100+ hours of content by your favourite brands

75 Scientific Sessions

Thought-provoking theoretical sessions substantiated with live demonstrations

1 Pre-congress Course

Monaco Advanced Facial Aesthetic Masterclass

AMWC Scientific Partners

AMWC Conference is under the Scientific Supervision of the Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS). Other scientific partners include:


A World Leading Aesthetic Medicine Conference Program

Multidisciplinary sessions for practitioners of all backgrounds

Aesthetic Dermatology

Spanning all bases of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments such as injectables, lasers, energy-based devices, threads, cosmeceuticals and more, the AMWC program features an extensive number of sessions dedicated to aesthetic dermatology.

These sessions delve deep into the specifics of anatomy, techniques, safety, and complication management so that you are armed with the latest updates in this sphere.


Functional Gynecology

This agenda explores both functional and aesthetic gynecology – a fast growing sector of aesthetic medicine.

These sessions will draw on important case studies and scientific research to bring you the latest insights into rejuvenation treatments of female genitalia including vaginal tightening, labiaplasty and others using injectables, threads, lasers, and various other minimally invasive procedures.


Aesthetic Surgery

At AMWC, we specialise in minimally invasive procedures, this extends to aesthetic surgery. Within this discipline, you will discover the latest developments in some of the most in-demand surgical aesthetic procedures including blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation to name a few.

Our experts will also guide you through the entire patient experience from consultation to procedure and post-procedure care.


Anti-Aging Medicine

With the aim of treating the underlying causes of aging and alleviating the effects of the aging process, this agenda will address genetics, soft tissue regeneration, the applications of stem cells, PRP, and nutrition among others.

These sessions will explore differing cultural approaches to anti-aging medicine and provide a holistic overview of the current advancements in anti-aging medicine. 

Practice Management

An essential part of running a successful aesthetic clinic is learning how to properly manage your aesthetic practice.

The sessions within this agenda will equip you with all the tools you need to grow your patient base, boost your reputation, and market your brand effectively using all the marketing channels available including  social media. 

Sponsored Symposiums

Attend practical workshops sponsored by some of the industry’s leading brands where you will learn about the latest products and services.

Workshops will include lectures, presentations, live demonstrations, and Q&As with industry representatives as well as KOLs. AMWC features 100+ sponsored Symposiums over the course of the event. 


Live Injections & Cadaver Lab

This session provides a practical, side-by-side learning experience, enabling a direct comparison between live injections and anatomical dissections.

What to expect?

speaker will inject a model on stage, while, in a simultaneous live video transmission from the University Institute of Face and Neck (IUFC) of Nice, an anatomist mirrors the procedure on a cadaver, followed by a dissection.
This format provides real-time insights, revealing where the product distributes and highlighting safe and dangerous areas.

AMWC Speakers

Top KOLs, renowned speakers, and esteemed educators take the floor at  AMWC Monaco.

Chytra Anand

Dermatologist, India

Naçi Celik

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Turkey

Alexis Delobaux

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, France

Simone Doreian

Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Physician, Australia

Raphael Enthoven

Philosopher, France

Fernando Felice

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Argentina

Julius Few

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, USA

Pietro Gentile

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Italy

Anna Guanche

Dermatologist, USA

Martina Kerscher

Dermatologist, Germany

Francisco Llano

Anti-Aging Physician, Mexico

Theodora Mantzourani

Anti-Aging Physician, UK

Alain Michon

Aesthetic Physician, Canada

Patricia Ogilvie

Dermatologist, Germany

Jamuna Pai

Aesthetic Physician, India

Alexander Rivkin

Aesthetic & Plastic Surgeon, USA

AMWC is proud to support the Two Faces Foundation, a non-profit organization.
This initiative underscores our dedication to contributing to significant causes that have a profound impact on lives globally.